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Ohio State University Ranking and Cost of Living

Among the scholars, Ohio State University (OSU) is one of the most favorites to join in. The roots began as the Ohio General Assembly validated the OSU in 1870. OSU can’t have legitimation without Land-Grant Act on July 2, 1862, that was officially signed by Abraham Lincoln.

It then revolutionized all the educational systems to ease people to get a college degree. At that time, the admission hasn’t been this competitive because everyone has the same opportunity. Until in the 1980s, OSU established a selective admissions process to screen the prospective students.

Basically, Ohio State University is in urban with the 1,665-hectare area and has a total of 46,820 undergraduate enrollment. It ranks 54th in Best Colleges 2020 among National Universities. It also holds 8th top producer of Fulbright Scholar and 6th of Peace Corps volunteers, with more than 200 institutes and academic centers.

All the Diversity Matters in OSU

Ohio State University Ranking and Cost of Living
Ohio State University Ranking and Cost of Living

Diversity is an important buzzword among college admissions and students. It may improve communication skills with daily opportunities to interact with others from different backgrounds. It is important to have variety in gender, age, ethnicity, and geographical origin.

  1. Fairly treatment in diversity

Ohio State University Ranking and Cost of Living
Ohio State University Ranking and Cost of Living

Ohio State University has combined several factors in diversity, from racial, age, geographic, and gender. This campus ranks 355 nationwide as it’s highly diverse across all factors. Racial diversity allows kiu kiu online students to learn from various racial with their ethnic backgrounds. It shows that the college has treated and supported all students fairly.

  1. Balanced gender ratio

Ohio State University Ranking and Cost of Living
Ohio State University Ranking and Cost of Living

The disparity between males and females students in OSU is almost equally balanced, with 23,836 males and 22,110 females of undergraduate students. The ratio of males to females at Ohio State can be categorized as excellent.

  1. Various geographic diversities

The students of OSU come from various geographic diversities. Specifically, it is split among 46 states from all undergraduate students. Besides, international diversity also shows a good number. At least, 6,599 international students are representing 50 countries in OSU.

Things You Should Know about Ohio State University

OSU has been popular to be the most cherished spirit and tradition in Buckeye State. Moreover, OSU’s football team has won various competitions and contributed many medals for Ohio. Rather than a football game, the daily campus life is more very interesting and joyful. Here are things you should know about this university.

  1. According to CBS MoneyWatch, Ohio State University has been crowned as the happiest freshmen among the schools
  2. When the other colleges brought live animals as a mascot when attending the game competition, OSU chose to carry a buckeye nut to represent its team. Furthermore, it would be problematic to bring an actual buck deer to the game.
  3. In every victory of each game, the Alpha Pi Omega will immediately ring the victory bell hanging in Ohio Stadium.
  4. For each player who successfully earned All-American in the previous season, OSU would plant a Buckeye tree at the Ohio Stadium.

Being a part of OSU is an amazing thing to enjoy, but, it would difficult to pass the admission test processes. According to U.S. News Data, the acceptance rate of OSU was only around 52%. It means you have to study and prepare a lot of stuff before registering at Ohio State University.