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Ohio Swing State History: Is It Still the One?

Many people are interested in Ohio swing state history. It’s no secret at that the country has received a reputation of being a customary swing state in the US presidential election from a long time ago. However, does Ohio remain a competitive swing state right now?

A swing state itself is a term used to name a particular state that can be won by either the Republican or Democratic candidates in the presidential election. Both candidates typically have the same opportunities to win the election by a swing in votes.

States with such a quality are frequently targeted by both campaign teams of the major parties. Particularly during a competitive election where both parties may reasonably win. In contrast to swing states, there are also safe states that are typically dominated by a sole party.

How Is the History of Ohio as a Swing State?

Ohio Swing State History: Is It Still the One?
Ohio Swing State History: Is It Still the One?

Ohio swing state history itself is pretty well-known since most of the candidates that win on this state finally achieve its political agenda. Since 1896, a presidential candidate that held Ohio could win the nation election expect for two election times.

In 1960, John F. Kennedy failed to win Ohio but could carry the Oval Office to become a president. Meanwhile, in the last 2016 election, Donald Trump won in Ohio by 51.7 percent of votes against Hillary Clinton’s 43.6 percent of votes.

Some said that Ohio will remain one of the top swing states in the country. Both campaigns will contest Ohio pretty hard considering its predicate. This state is still believed to be a highly competitive state, especially if a particular candidate appeals to blue-collar voters.

Considering Ohio swing state history, Trump could succeed in Ohio since he widened the common Republican appeal in terms of blue-collar and working-class voters. Even though it remains a swing state, some believed that Ohio is less competitive than years ago.

However, many still believe that both candidates in the upcoming presidential election still have a chance to win Ohio. Both candidates should be realistic in attracting voters in this state, offering something that appeal most people in the regions.

Is Ohio Still a Swing State in the Upcoming Presidential Election?

Ohio Swing State History: Is It Still the One?
Ohio Swing State History: Is It Still the One?

Then, how is the next election doing concerning Ohio? Even though there has not been a formal announcement related to the next candidates for the presidential election, Ohio is still concerned by both parties. Especially considering the slight difference in the last election.

Ohio swing state history has made the state a regular battleground for both Democratic and Republic. Currently, Donald Trump is widely discussed to run for the upcoming 2020 candidate from the Republican Party as an incumbent candidate.

Ohio Swing State History: Is It Still the One?

Meanwhile, the Democratic candidate that is running for president in the next election is supposed to be Joe Biden. However, at the time of the writing. There has not been a formal conclusion if the country will elect a new president or reelect the incumbents.

All in all, Ohio is still considered a competitive state that making it becomes a focus of both Democratic and Republican campaigns. Attracting the blue-collar and working-class voters is considered important in view of the Ohio swing state history.