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The Most Memorable Ohio State Buckeyes Basketball Records

Ohio State Buckeyes is the basketball team from Ohio State University. This basketball team consists of two main teams; the men and women basketball team. These teams are popular among the country, especially for the college basketball league. The men’s basketball team is what we will talk about.

This team is the representation of Ohio State University (OSU) in NCAA. Actually, it is in the Division I college basketball league. For your information, this team is also a member of the Big Ten Conference. It has a lot of records and achievements during their first appearance until now.

If you are one of their fans, you maybe know that the Ohio State Buckeyes basketball team is an eternal rival with the Michigan Wolverines. In addition, Buckeyes has 99 – 78 series lead than their rival. Below is further information about this OSU buckeyes team.

Memorable Achievements Gotten by the Team

The Most Memorable Ohio State Buckeyes Basketball Records
Memorable Achievements Gotten by the Team In Ohio

This team has a home base which is called ‘Value City Arena’. It is in the Jerome Schottenstein Center which is located in Columbus, Ohio. This home base was opened in 1998. It can accommodate up to 19200 people where it can be used as a concert arena as well.

For the average home attendance in 2016, this Ohio State Buckeyes team ranked 28th nationally. Furthermore, the Buckeyes basketball team has claimed 8 national championships. It was happened together with 38 other championship. There was also a memorable record that you should know.

The Most Memorable Ohio State Buckeyes Basketball Records
The Most Memorable Ohio State Buckeyes Basketball Records

The buckeyes men’s basketball team has ever had the ten undefeated seasons (6 perfect seasons). It is more perfect with other achievements that this team has such as has played for 10 NCAA Final fours. They won the championship in 1960.

At that time, the buckeyes men’s basketball team was led by some Basketball Hall of Famers. Those are like Jerry Lucas, Bob Knight, and John Havlicek. Other achievements are getting the National Runner-up for 4 times, appeared in 27 NCAA, and more.

The Ohio State Buckeyes Arena’s Facilities

The Most Memorable Ohio State Buckeyes Basketball Records
The Most Memorable Ohio State Buckeyes Basketball Records

This professional team is supported by great facilities. That is why; Ohio State University has several shining teams. Those are the basketball teams, ice hockey, football games, and more. The arena is 770000 square and it is the multipurpose venue.

It can accommodate 17500 people for ice hockey and 19500 for a basketball game. Meanwhile, this Ohio State Buckeyes arena can be also used for a concert. If it was used for a concert, it can accommodate more than 20000 people. It becomes the biggest arena in Big Ten.

The arena itself is having a modern design. This arena has gone through several improvements to get the design now. It is the supportive facilities made by the university. Basically it is a facility for the coaches, staff, students, fans, supporters, athletes, and more.

Ohio State University is a world-class university that has some great facilities for sport and more. That is why; this university can create several amazing sports teams. One of them is the Ohio State Buckeyes men’s basketball team which has achieved so many achievements.